Patient Portal
Patient Portal Benefits
Patient Portal is a brand-new feature of SynaMed that will allow patients and practices to communicate via the Internet. Use of Patient Portal will reduce the number of phone calls with patients and decrease the amount of time entering information into SynaMed.

Patient Access
SynaMed will provide practices with a brochure for their patients containing information about how to access the Patient Portal system. Patients who register for Patient Portal will receive a unique user ID and password with which they can access Patient Portal. Upon logging into Patient Portal, patients can enter or update demographic and insurance information, enter their past medical history, request appointments, view laboratory results, and make credit card payments.

Patient Portal Basket
The information entered by the patient into the Patient Portal system is automatically sent back to the providerís SynaMed account where it sits in a Patient Portal Basket. The provider and office staff can access this information and either approve or reject it. When the information is approved, it will be added to the patientís profile in SynaMed.

  • > Reduced number of patient phone calls
  • > Decreased amount of time entering information into SynaMed
  • > Patients can make payments online
  • > Patients can view laboratory results online
  • > Patients can enter medical history online
  • > Patients can request appointments online
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