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The E+M coding calculator automatically calculates the level of service based on your input from your office note. You may elect to override it's suggestion or go with what it calculates.

1. You must fill in the yellow shaded boxes in the calculator as shown below:

2. Click 'Suggest Counts' to have SynaMed calculate the proper coding.
3. If you wish to override the suggested counts, change the appropriate cell and click 'Recalculate Coding'.

After you are done calculating, click [ Superbill ] to generate your superbill.

Functional Items Description
[ Recalculate Coding ] Selecting this option will recalculate your changes to the calculator shown above. You would use this function only to see the level of service you will be coding at if you override what is suggested.
[ Suggest Counts ] Clicking this will count the items in the office note for you. You must, however, fill out the items in yellow as pictured above.


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