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Quick Set up for new Practices who will be using the Billing Module

These steps need to be completed prior to performing billing functions in order for billing to be generated correctly! Please consult Help file for further explanations on terms and uses when needed.

Must Log-on under owner of practice account in order to set up other users.

When logged in under owner:

  1. Go to Misc (dark blue nav bar) top of the screen > From drop down click on Customize > Click on User Profile > complete all data  (if data is not completed correctly it will effect billing) when finished click Save

  2. Click Misc again > click on Administration > Maintain user > [Add] > Choose a user type > “user id” is the user’s log-in name.> complete all other data > complete User Access Scheduler (hours are in Military time) > Save

  3. To give a staff member access to Administration pages click Misc > Administration > [Maintain User] > Highlight the staff member desired click [Update] > Click the box, Administrator: True (this enables that user to access group admin page) this is for Administrators, Office and Billing managers and Supervisors and senior billers.

  4. To set specific permissions: Misc > Customize > Maintain Sraff > Highlight user, click Set Permissions > check the Permissions to give user > Save

  5. Complete the Group Settings page Misc > Administration > Group Settings > Save/Update

  6. Setting up Facilities: > Misc > Administration > [Facilities] > Click Add New Facility > Complete all pertinent fields > Save          NOTE *If a doctor treats patients on both an inpatient and ambulatory basis at the same hospital two facilities need to be set up with different names and different POS codes.

  7. Entering Carrier data:  Misc > Customize > Edit Insurances > Click on EDIT (with the corresponding dropdown box) > Highlight & click on Carriers > click on Add button > enter ALL pertinent data (including carrier type, EDI, Policy code) > Save           NOTE: You must later create carrier type and claim offices and come back to these fields and enter.

  8. Enter Carrier Type:  Misc > Customize > Edit Insurances > Click on EDIT (with the corresponding dropdown box) > Highlight & click on Carrier Type > Add (most common carrier types are Commercial, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, Medicaid, other) > Save > Back

  9. Enter Claim Office:  Misc > Customize > Edit Insurances > Click on EDIT (with the corresponding dropdown box) > Highlight & click on Claim Offices > Add > Enter data in all pertinent fields including (Insurance Carrier, Carrier type, filing method, Default…policy type, Patient accept assignment, participating?)

  10. Group Submitter IDs, for EDI billing: Misc > Administration > Group Submitter IDs > Enter your IDs and Save

  11. Group Batch Management (practice wide): Misc > Administration > Group Batch Management > Highlight desired batching system. Note: Consult Help file for explanation of the different uses.

  12. Maintain Network IDs. (Dr.s Id #s per carrier): Misc > Customize > Maintain Network IDs > Choose the provider from the UserID dropdown box > input all the corresponding IDs (including UPIN and TaxID) > Save

  13. Fee Schedules: Misc > Customize > Fee Schedules > (See Help files for detailed explanation of how to set these up. They need to be set up in order for charge fees to automatically generate when CPT/HCPCS codes are entered & payment amounts to auto-post/adjust when payments are posted from a carrier.)

  14.  Encounter form Superbills, See HELP files.

  15. Archive Billing Data Automatically on a timed basis: Ledger (dark blue nav bar) > Practice Billing Archive Record (under Archive Reports Category) > click [View/Edit] > Click Schedule button > Name the schedule ie: Monthly Archived Report > Set the Frequency ie: Monthly > Set time and day/date > Save as New Schedule

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